Train, live and breath like a Pro

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus are the best way to feel like an FC Barcelona player
The Ex-Barcelona Players Campus offer the opportunity to learn about football skills and tactics in accordance with the same methods that are used with the Barça youth teams.
FPA Barcelona Campus

Players registering for the Ex-Barcelona Players Campus take part in parallel high level training, leisure and recreation activities related with football and Barça.

The coaches do not only work on football issues. One of the aims of these Ex-Barcelona Players Campus is to transmit the same values that FC Barcelona represents.

The Ex-Barcelona Players Campus born with the idea of satisfying small groups of players who want to enjoy a 100% Barça Experience.

The Ex-Barcelona Players Campus try to be much more exclusive or unique product. Therefore accomadation, training days, schedule and all the complementary activities are chosen by the group.

The Ex-Barcelona Players Campus embrace a sports and social mission:


Foster the practice of sport and football in particular

Train different level players by observing the playing philosophy of FC Barcelona


Foster the transmission of the FC Barcelona values

Transmit the Barça feelings

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus
Ex-Barcelona Players Campus
Ex-Barcelona Players Campus
Ex-Barcelona Players Campus details:

City: Barcelona

Participants: Any football passionate from 6 years old (male and/or female)

Spaces: 200 players maximum

Language: Catalan, Spanish, English

Venue: Accomodation according to campers needs

FC Barcelona Training Facilities:

  • Mar Bella Training Facilities

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus
Ex-Barcelona Players Campus Training Program and Lectures:

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus are the best way to feel like an FC Barcelona player. The participants will follow the most successful training methodology.

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus offer also a special program for the specific technical complexities of the goalkeepers position.

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus offer lecture lessons where the participants will be able to learn more about FC Barcelona History and to know the basis of Ex-Barcelona Players Campus Philosophy and methodology in order to understand properly the game.

Examples of the topics of this lessons are: the History of the Club, Technical work, Tactical work, Game System...

The lecture lessons pretend the interaction between participants and speaker in order to take the best in each session.

The Campus' daily schedule will depend on the day, but it will generally look like this:


  • Breakfast
  • Activities at the beach
  • Training session
  • Lunch


  • Option 1: Training session
  • Option 2: Playful activities
  • Option 3: Visit to the city


  • Dinner
  • Rest time
Ex-Barcelona Players Campus allow acces to this facilities:

Football pitch

Artificial turf (latest generation)

Artificial lighting

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus


Portable 7-a-side goalposts (1 goal per group)

1 ball per player

Different colored cones and bibs

Complementary Facilities

Conference room

Changing rooms for coaches

Changing rooms for players

Space for material

Shaded space for breaks

Parking for bus & cars

Good communications by public transport

Ex-Barcelona Players Campus Technical Staff:
Ex-Barcelona Players Campus

All technical staff will be from Ex-Barcelona Players.

There will be both physiotherapy & medical service as well.

Ex-Barcelona Players Coordinator

Ex-Barcelona Players Coaches

Ex-Barcelona Players Coach for goalkeepers (If required)

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All modalities include lunch and activities from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Full-time modality
7 days 4* Hotel

980 € /week

Accomodation included

Full-time modality
7 days 2* Hotel

790 € / week

Accomodation included

Part-time modality
5 days no accomodation

230 € / week

No accomodation

10 % discount on the total price

Groups of 10 or more students signing in together by an official entity

By repeating modality over a week

15 % discount on the total price

Brother/sister attending the same group

Large family